Medieval Europe in motion : the circulation of artists, images, patterns and ideas from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Coast (6th - 15th centuries

Notions of movement and mobility are central to understanding many aspects of medieval society. Essentially, movement involves connections across time, objects, people, and space. The essays in this volume investigate how the circulation, motion, and mobility of people, patterns, and ideas influenced artistic creation between the 6th and 15th centuries ? from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast. Scholarship in the volume manifests the international scope of current research on artistic and cultural circulation and mobility in the European Middle Ages. In it, readers are presented with a detailed image illustrating the effects of social and cultural exchange and mobility on artistic creation. As a whole, the collection aims at developing critical and constructive interdisciplinary revision of these matters. New and exciting questions are also raised for future discussion. Works from scholars specializing in history, history of art, palaeography, codicology, literature, and the history of ideas are bound in a single volume